Friday, March 6, 2015

magnificent building test

Imagine you are  in an endless desert. You are tired and thirsty after walking many hours. Now a magnificent building appears before you.
1. What appears before you is a
A. Castle
B. Museum
C. Hotel

2. You enter this building through the
A. Window
B. Door
C. Balcony
D. Underground tunnel
There is a staircase leading to the next floor.

3. Which of the following types of staircase can you see?
A. Spiral
B. Straight
You walk up the stairs counting the steps as you walk

4. How many steps are there?
A. 1 to 5
B. 5 to 25
C. 25 to 50
D. More than 50
Next you enter a room

5. How big is the room?
A. The size of a cupboard
B. The size of a living room
C. The size of a ballroom
D. The size of a football field

6. What color are the walls?
A. Red
B. Purple
C. Yellow or orange
There is a table in the room

7. What shape is the table?
A. Round
B. Square
C. Triangular


1. Represents your priorities

  • Castle - Wealth
  • Museum - Career
  • Hotel - Home and love

2. Represents the kind of life that you seek

  • Window - A life full of surprises
  • Door - A smooth and safe life
  • Balcony - A romantic and peaceful life
  • Underground - A dangerous but meaningful life full of experiences

3. The staircase signifies your love life.

  • Spiral - Winding and beautiful
  • Straight - Ordinary and unexciting

4. The number of steps signifies the number of tries and attempts you make to keep your relationships

5. The size of the room shows how adventurous you are.

6. The color of the room represents your character.

  • Red - Passionate
  • Purple: Adventurous
  • Yellow or orange: Cheerful

7. The shape of the table again shows how you handle situations

  • Square: Firm and fair
  • Round: You like to see things from many points of view
  • Triangle: You want to be original

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