Friday, November 2, 2012

he's still waiting

You : i'll waiting you HERE!
Me : up to you! *i'm leaving him and close my door*
*i try to forget him, i think what he said just a kidding
so i do my activities as usual
i'm eating, i'm playing computer, i'm watching TV, i'm listening music, and everything until midnight
now it's 12 o'clock and my phone's ringing*
"Baby, i'm your boyfriend's mother, do you know where is he?"
"He had returned home last 3 o'clock."
"He has not got home."
*my mind directly realized that my boyfriend was infront of my house
i'm running as best i could and getting him still standing*
You : do you already trust my love for you? i've standing here to prove it.
*i'm hugging him*

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